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Investment information

In certain instances, Global Properties may be able to accommodate additional investors. We can provide a uniquely profitable opportunity to our investors and typically attract those seeking the large returns that are possible within our organization.

If you wish to join our team, Global Properties has arrived at a method of transacting the investment properties we purchase. Investments are processed by the following terms and conditions unless a different method is expressed in writing from Global Properties.

In North America alone, we are in touch with over 50,000 realtors each month, locating the best opportunities for those who wish to invest with us.

Global Properties can provide you with more specific investor information if you wish. Please enter your email address below so we can respond to this request promptly.

Note that all forms of investment include some level of risk. Global Properties does not guarantee any level of return on your investment. We advise you to discuss this investment with a qualified individual before you make any decisions.

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